Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hadiah buat allahyarham Ayahnda Haji Mohamad Bin Haji Busu

Hari ini alhamdulillah telah menjalankan pembedahan mata keatas rakan karib Allahyarham ayahnda saya. Sebelum menjalankan pembedahan teringat kisah yang pernah didengar bahawa jika seorang anak berbuat baik kepada rakan baik atau orang yang disayangi insyaAllah malaikat akan menghantar dulang berisi cahaya dan mengatakan kepada ibu bapa kita ini adalah kiriman anak mu. Alangkah berbahagia nya orang yang mati dengan meninggalkan anak soleh yang mendoakannya. 

Juga nabi Mohammad saw pernah bertanya pada sahabat siapa kah orang yang muflis? sahabat menjawab mereka yang miskin. Nabi bersabda" Tidak mereka yang muflis ialah mereka yang mempunyai anak tetapi apabila mereka mati anak mereka tidak mendoakan mereka dan mereka tidak mendapat apa apa kebaikan dari anak mereka. 

Oleh itu penting kita semua merenung dan lihat samaada kita hidup untuk mencari pencen kubor kita iaitu 1. Anak yang soleh yg mendoakan kita, 2. Sedekah jariah, 3. Ilmu bermanafaat. 

Berbalik kepada pembedahan tadi ia agak mencabar tetapi berlaku dengan mudah. Rakan ayah saya ini seorang yang dermawan dan warak. Sekali lagi saya membuat rumusan bahawa amalan seseorang merupakan faktor penting didalam kejayaan pembedahan selai dari kecekapan doktor. Wallahuaalam

My eyes are red and painful

Today I met a patient with very red eyes and I diagnose him to have a severe intraocular inflammation and him  started on intensive eye drop medications. He progressed rapidly within a few hours and was given all the treatment and in the end we manage to abort his severe  inflammation.

 What amaze me is that everything went so well for him and and he gets things done perfectly for him. And as usual I try to get to know the patient and of course I found out that he is a very devoted Muslim and a good husband and dedicated executive.
I come to the conclusion that if we make sure that at every moment of our life we are good and beneficial to everyone God Almighty the most compassionate and most merciful will make things happen very well for us.  

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My LASIK patient

After having done more than 500 eyes for Lasik, I made some observation. 

The degree of optimism and cheerfulness is directly proportional to the success and gratefulness after the Lasik procedure. 

Some patients have a great deal of burning sensation and tearing up to 3 hours after surgery. This is the worse scenario. However, there are some who feels no sensation at all and has been comfortable throughout except for mild foreign body sensation which last for an hour. After so many cases, I find that, those who are relaxed, calm, optimistic are the ones who recover fast and do not have much pain and tearing. On the contrary, those who are highly anxious, full of fear, anxiety, doubt and fussy, tend to have more tearing and discomfort. It amazes me how some people who are so blind before surgery, with the power of 80D (800 Layman term) and their vision are restored to perfect within 4 hours after surgery are not as grateful as someone whose refractive error is much less (125) and yet so grateful and appreciative. Looking back at their personality before the surgery, I begin to correlate the degree of optimism and cheerfulness has a strong influence on the gratefulness and comfort of the surgery. There are some people despite the very marked improvement in their vision, from being blind without glasses to perfect vision without glasses within one day, instead of focusing on being able to see, they will complain of slight glare of the light, which of course will disappear after 1 week of medication. Despite being able to work the next day, they will find reasons to complain of small glare and do not focus on being grateful for such marked restoration of vision. Today I was fascinated by a radiologist, who had Lasik yesterday and her power was so minimal and yet she was so grateful. Looking at her personality and the life she's having (having a good husband, having healthy children, going overseas with 3 year paid leave), I came to a conclusion of the more grateful we are at every moment of our life for every small joy that Allah gives us, the more things to be grateful will be coming to us. 

I can see clearly now

Today, I had the privilege of operating on a 60-year old man who was blind in both eyes due to cataract. It took too long for him to see a specialist in the government hospital, luckily for us, our centre has charity funds for the unfortunate to seek treatment. Both operations which was carried yesterday and today went so smoothly despite the advanced stage of the cataract and he had the latest technique that required no suture and implanted with the latest intraocular lens giving him almost perfect vision from being able to see only shadows in the right eye and able to count fingers at 3 feet in the left eye to almost 95% vision in both eyes just one day after surgery. After having done so many cataract surgeries, my learning point is:

Whenever someone is very close to God and have been doing good deeds and contributing to others in one's life time he will be rewarded with the best solution for any problem that he might have. 

In this case, he was given the best treatment at one of the best medical centre for free which others would have paid RM 11,000 for both eyes. As he was an ex-deputy headmaster of a school, I am sure he has sown many seeds of success in other people's children. In addition, apart from his good contribution to mankind, he is also an obedient servant of Allah and spent his time learning the holy books,

In a nutshell, what you sow is what you reap, if you help someone with the intention of pleasing Allah, someone else will help you when you are in need.