Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My LASIK patient

After having done more than 500 eyes for Lasik, I made some observation. 

The degree of optimism and cheerfulness is directly proportional to the success and gratefulness after the Lasik procedure. 

Some patients have a great deal of burning sensation and tearing up to 3 hours after surgery. This is the worse scenario. However, there are some who feels no sensation at all and has been comfortable throughout except for mild foreign body sensation which last for an hour. After so many cases, I find that, those who are relaxed, calm, optimistic are the ones who recover fast and do not have much pain and tearing. On the contrary, those who are highly anxious, full of fear, anxiety, doubt and fussy, tend to have more tearing and discomfort. It amazes me how some people who are so blind before surgery, with the power of 80D (800 Layman term) and their vision are restored to perfect within 4 hours after surgery are not as grateful as someone whose refractive error is much less (125) and yet so grateful and appreciative. Looking back at their personality before the surgery, I begin to correlate the degree of optimism and cheerfulness has a strong influence on the gratefulness and comfort of the surgery. There are some people despite the very marked improvement in their vision, from being blind without glasses to perfect vision without glasses within one day, instead of focusing on being able to see, they will complain of slight glare of the light, which of course will disappear after 1 week of medication. Despite being able to work the next day, they will find reasons to complain of small glare and do not focus on being grateful for such marked restoration of vision. Today I was fascinated by a radiologist, who had Lasik yesterday and her power was so minimal and yet she was so grateful. Looking at her personality and the life she's having (having a good husband, having healthy children, going overseas with 3 year paid leave), I came to a conclusion of the more grateful we are at every moment of our life for every small joy that Allah gives us, the more things to be grateful will be coming to us. 


  1. Keep on writing on what you learn Doc! It's very inspiring, Masha Allah! I want a LASIK too, one day, insha Allah, when the RM is not a constraint. Love your short and precise food for thoughts!

  2. Dear Dr Muhaya,I wholeheartedly agreed with Azza. This is a well-put piece. (actually same thg goes to your previous posts) Btw, may i have the honour to quote your last sentence in this post in my facebook? Thank you Doc.

  3. Salam Ramadhan Dr. Muhaya,

    Always heard about you and your great LASIK set up!

    Hope to learn more from you

    ioptoss.blogspot.com (IIUM optometry students blog)

  4. Salam Prof, may I get your permission to put this article in my Blog? http://galaxyoptometrist.blogspot.com

    Thank you.

    Youre my fav Prof back then in my study years..;)

  5. salam prof,

    as optometist and had lasik done few months ago. alhamdulillah, i couldnt complaint on any bit of what Allah has granted me with this advanced technology + skillful ophthalmologist.

  6. Aslmkum Prof,
    always looking forward to your your insight on Radio IKIM. On Lasik, is there any easy payment scheme?

  7. Salam prof,
    Teruskan berkata2 berceramah perkara2 yg baik..
    Sy akan ternanti2 segmen prof di ikim..
    Semoga prof terus diberkati dan dirahmati!:)

  8. Love all your articles esp your blog. It is beneficial to us. Keep on writing... Thanks also for attending to our son at HUKM. You're such a nice person with your soft spoken. Admire u!

  9. Assalamualaikum Prof,
    You are such a wonderful doctor. Love to hear your speech and advices. Hope and want to be a woman, wife like you.

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