Thursday, July 8, 2010

My eyes are red and painful

Today I met a patient with very red eyes and I diagnose him to have a severe intraocular inflammation and him  started on intensive eye drop medications. He progressed rapidly within a few hours and was given all the treatment and in the end we manage to abort his severe  inflammation.

 What amaze me is that everything went so well for him and and he gets things done perfectly for him. And as usual I try to get to know the patient and of course I found out that he is a very devoted Muslim and a good husband and dedicated executive.
I come to the conclusion that if we make sure that at every moment of our life we are good and beneficial to everyone God Almighty the most compassionate and most merciful will make things happen very well for us.  


  1. Assalamualaikum Prof. I just watched the way you delivered your ideas in Hal Ehwal Islam for first time. So awed that a professional Moslem like you combining the medical thoughts with Islamic values. Jihad! looking forward for your upcoming talks. New fan. Salam :)

  2. Doctor emak saya berumur 70 tahun .Dia mengadu matanya berpasir dan gatal. Bagaimana Doktor?

  3. As'salam Prof, isteri saya mengadu sakit mata selepas dia menarik sesuatu dari matanya, kemudian mata isteri saya menjadi merah. Selepas itu saya melihat seperti ada selaput pada matanya yang seperti terkoyak. Apabila saya bawa isteri ke klinik, doktor tersebut beritahu ia adalah konjunktivitis. Tetapi ia agak merisaukan kami kerana ia kelihatan seperti selaput yang telah koyak...boleh prof tolong beri penjelasan? Terima kasih